On with your journey

Departure formalities. New Caledonia offers to superyachts owners and crew members exceptional protected setting, inhabited and privileged anchorages and an animated city life. CLEARANCE All departure formalities must be completed in Nouméa within the 24 hours before departure. The Captain must report with the boat registration and crew passports to: 1) The Customs Department (with the arrival form) 2) The Immigration Department (PAF) 3) The Harbour Master’s office, delivering the clearance. TAX FREE FUEL During the clearance formalities, every yachtsman can ask for a ‘tax refund form’ allowing a certain quantity of tax-exempted fuel. Our partners: USEFUL CONTACTS CUSTOMS HEAD OFFICE 4, rue Félix Russeil, Nouméa ph.: 26 53 85/26 53 66 fax : 26 54 14 douanes.nc@offratel.nc www.douane.gouv.nc BORDER POLICE (PAF) 5, rue Paul Doumer, Nouméa ph.: 24 32 21 / 24 32 00 Fax : 26 40 88 usg-port.noumea-informations@interieur.gouv.fr www.nouvelle-caledonie.gouv.fr HARBOUR MASTER’S OFFICE PORT AUTONOME 34, Avenue James Cook, Nouméa VHF 12, ph.: 25.50.05, fax 28.37.72 panc@noumeaport.nc www.noumeaport.nc