Visiting the Great South

In the South of the Main Island, sheltered and colourful bays


Safe anchorages located between the capital and the South lagoon on 3 sites: Prony Bay, Port Boisé and the island of Ouen.



  • Baie du Carénage and Baie des Kaoris, cyclonic holes of the Great South protected from all winds, in 10-15 metres water depth, muddy and sandy bottom. Travel up the rivers with the dinghy, nice walks, waterfalls and a thermal spring at 33°C (accessible by the wharf) ;
  • Anse Sébert, sandy & coral bottom. Starting point of the hiking path (GR1) and visit of Prony village ;
  • Baie de la Somme, protected from all winds. Sandy and coral bottom. Busy with charter boats during the whale season (July to September), the moorings belong to them. Diving onProny Peak, do not moor to the beacon, highlighting the isolated danger ;

  • Bonne Anse, many anchorages for any type of wind, on sandy and coral bottom. Luxuriant plants, drinkable freshwater river, path to Cape N’Dua (view at 360°) from Anse Majic ;
  • Îlot Casy, sandy & muddy bottom in 6 metres water depth. Protection SE/E/N. Mining bush, columnar pines and white sand beaches. Coral garden and nice footpath around the islet (45 min).

Port Boisé

Excellent waiting anchorage before taking Havannah Pass. Muddy and coral bottom. In the north end is a river to discover by dinghy.

Île Ouen

  • Baie Ire, in the Woodin passage, stop between Nouméa and the South lagoon. Anchorage in 10-15 metres depth on red mud bottom ;
  • Baie de la Tortue, path to the top of the island ;
  • Baie de Ouara, protection W. Nice reefs, seek permission of the Chief for fishing.

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Aiguille de Prony, Nouvelle-Calédonie
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le_village_de_prony_© M. Ducandas : NCTPS.jpg
GR® NC1, Prony, Nouvelle-Calédonie
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